GDPR: Are You Sure You've Thought Of Everything?

Date and Venue: Tuesday 6 June 08:45 - 13:00, The Lowry Hotel, Manchester

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About the Forum:

The EU GDPR comes into force in one year's time and many organisations will not be ready. It is a far more exacting piece of legislation than the patchwork of pre-internet era laws it replaces. While some of the details are still being negotiated, the majority of its provisions are crystal clear - bad news for those planning to muddle through. It will impact almost every company doing business with the EU, and it will be adopted by the UK government, Brexit or no Brexit.

The reason that many organisations are ill prepared is that they underestimate the degree of coordination that will be necessary. It requires the board and IT to work in tandem. It means that sales and marketing people who are used to using data as they wish will need to understand the new rules. Privacy policies must be rewritten. Personal data held under pre-existing consent will need to have that consent renewed, and above all companies will need to be able to demonstrate compliance.

That said, the more savvy organisations will see this as an opportunity for change. GDPR (and the e-Privacy Regulation which comes into force around the same time) are merely embodiments of best practice around data governance. Compliance could have some substantial business benefits too in making the organisation more agile and more ready for the digital age.

During this IT Leaders' Forum we'll be discussing the key touchstones of the GDPR and e-Privacy Regulation as well as some aspects that will be less familiar to many - such as the impact on website design.