Digital Transformation: Solving the Conundrum of Business & IT Collaboration


Date: Wednesday 5 July

Time: 08:30 - 11:00AM

Venue: The Brewery



About the Forum:

70% of businesses agree that efforts to transform the business externally are undermined by the internal complexity of the organization.* An essential principle of transformation is increasing operational efficiency and agility through digital technologies. Only through this can organizations improve the customer experience and create competitive advantage.


But the question is this: How can business and IT leaders enable more effective collaboration and break down walls in order to accelerate digital innovation?

Register to learn and discuss practical strategies for how to:


  • Bring business and IT together - Identifying the barriers that prevent effective collaboration and removing them to speed up innovation

  • Connect rigid technologies - Creating a layer of agility in existing business technologies to help IT meet the needs of the business and the expectations of the customer.

  • Deliver results faster - Taking an agile approach to develop solutions faster and then iterate rather than allowing complexity to stall progress


You'll leave this event with a better understanding of why issues arise in the collaboration of business and IT teams, and actionable advice from Digital Transformation experts and industry peers for how to overcome the specific challenges that this creates. With this you'll be able to speed up digital innovation, giving your business a greater chance of digital success.


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