Data Strategy: Building A Framework For Success

Date: Wednesday 21 June 08:45 - 13:00, 


Prince Philip House
3 Carlton House Terrace

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About the Forum:

The future is not a continuation of the past. The offices, factories and retailers of today bear little resemblance to those of 15 years ago and the transition enabled by the internet and other communications technology is far from over. In fact, it may have only just begun.

A few things are predictable though. The future will be more data centric; it will be more personalised; it will be more automated; and it will impact everyone that deals with data in their line of work whether at office or at home. Whereas today the data that businesses and government organisations access and utilise may have some quality issues, in the future the expectation will be to extract all relevant information instantaneously, with the data being clean, accurate and current.

From corporate executives commanding a real-time view into key business metrics to customer service agents accessing holistic customer records of the consumers they serve, data they use will need to be brought in from multiple sources, consolidated, validated, enriched, and presented in a usable format. Therefore, data strategy requires careful planning from the start, constant review, and ongoing support from the very top if it is to deliver tangible business value.

During this IT Leaders Forum we'll be looking at examples of how data strategies are put into action, the tools and platforms that can empower the process, and the kinds of skills you need to bring on board.