DevOps in the Financial Sector: achieving agility without sacrificing security or compliance

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A lot has been written and said about DevOps - bringing IT development and operations closer together. But the shift toward DevOps also raises questions over security: who should take ultimate responsibility, and what will be security teams' position and roles in this new structure?

So, properly done, security ought to be an integral part of the functional input into DevOps decision making. Yet, while businesses and businesspeople can easily understand the values of releasing products faster, cutting time to market and improving efficiency, the virtues of security are more abstract and tougher to sell.

How can - and, indeed, should - IT organisations in the finance sector integrate security and compliance as an essential part of DevOps?

After all, if bringing operations closer together with development can help improve efficiency and better align IT to the needs of the business, it would seem anomalous not to do the same with security. Furthermore, in the finance sector, security is becoming an increasingly important element of compliance, too.

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