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Understanding how to put Big Data into practice

Next Event: June 24th 2014

Prince Phillip House, London

Our next IT Leaders Forum will explore the real life benefits of Big Data, helping you understand how to actually make it work within your own organisation. We'll be looking at the business challenges of Big Data, as well as at tools and technologies available to help you with real time data capture and management.

Join us for exclusive insights into the reality of Big Data and learn from our expert speakers and their real life examples of successful strategies.


In the last 18 months there has been an increased understanding of what Big Data means. As we move beyond the hype, we are starting to see more and more success stories from organisations which have understood the possibilities offered by Big Data. Will these stories have a domino effect, meaning that more businesses will start to see the value in exploiting Big Data? Will this make it easier to justify the investment to the board? Should Big Data be managed by multi-disciplinary teams, including IT, business heads, analysts and/or industry experts, in order to reach its full potential? What are the real benefits of making Big Data work?

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*Complimentary attendance is for senior IT professionals only.

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